EV Charger Installation in Billings

There are many benefits to hiring an expert electrician to take care of your EV charger installation. Not only is it simpler and faster than any other option, but it’s also much safer.

Lightning Electric’s certified technicians are leaders in the EV industry. Not only do they offer exceptional service to every client, but they are also here to answer all of your questions.

This is such a new technology. It’s only natural that you’ll be curious as to how much it costs, what it involves, and more. Call us now at (406) 850-2936, and let us get those burning questions off your mind!

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Lightning Electric: Your Go-To EV Charger Installation Specialists

Our team has years of hands-on experience in this unique niche. When you hire us, you can expect:

  • Thoroughly qualified and licensed electricians
  • Experts with up to date credentials
  • Service guarantees
  • Quality guarantees
  • Rush services
  • Competitive prices

Electric Car Charger Installation Options

There are a few different types of EV charging stations out there. Our experts will first conduct a thorough consultation to help you determine which is the best charger for your needs and your budget.

Some of the different types include:

  • Level one (the slowest but also the most affordable residential unit)
  • Level two (slightly faster at 240 volts)
  • DC fast charging (the quickest of them all)
  • Smart stations
  • Single or dual ports
  • And more

It may seem intimidating to make the switch to an electric car, but with our help, it couldn’t be simpler. We’ll install your EV charger quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be able to commute with more ease than you could have ever imagined.

Our EV Charger Installation Process

Our electricians complete EV charger installations rapidly and straightforwardly. Here’s an overview of our typical process:

Electric Car Charging Station Installation Consultation

Before we move forward with the work, we’ll be sure to answer all of your questions about EV chargers and the installation process. As we assess your property to determine the details, we can answer any questions you may have.

EV Charging Station Installation 

We make every effort to install the perfect charger for your needs. We adhere to the highest standard of quality in our work so that your system can last you for years to come.

We’ll install your electric vehicle charging station in the ideal location so that you never have to stop at a public charging station again. Then, we’ll be sure to give it a final inspection to ensure that everything is up to code and that you’re familiar with how to use your new system.

Call Us for Expert Car Charger Installation in Billings

If you’re looking for specialists in the Billings region to help you with electric car charger installation, look no further than Lightning Electric.

Our friendly electricians are happy to make your life simpler by installing an EV car charger wherever you need it.

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